About ACM

About ACM

Tami Ben Gideon

Founder & CEO of A.C.M.

 A.C.M.- Empowering & Personal/Organizational Advanced Branding and  talent retention

for  Company / Organizations Executives and Business Owners

A.C.M. – Applied Communications Methods – is the result of 16 years of research. It uses internal branding as a means to promote businesses and organizations. It drives business results by utilizing professional images & branding techniques. A.C.M is innovative and rejuvenating in its approach of focusing on the individual and their specific empowerment, as the basis for constructing a solid link between the individual to the team, company, and organizational values.

תמי בן גדעון

Tami Ben-Gideon – B.Des in Visual Communications, M.A. in Political Communications and Political Science (today, in the midst of pre-doctoral research at Bar Ilan University). Developer of A.C.M. – empowerment and advanced branding of individuals and organizations and talent retention.

Ben Gideon established and directed Creative Advertising Agency (1986-2000) and branded leading firms and organization in Israel (Kodak, Sollel-Bone, Emek-Israel College, Fliman hospital, Haifa municipality and others).. Among her many achievements, Ben Gideon specializes in organizational consultation, group instruction and interpersonal communications, and teaches communications, advertising and marketing at academic institutions as well as in the educational system.

Ben Gideon is a graduate of University of Bar Ilan's Directors Course, and engages today in consultation, construction of managerial programs and workshop instruction of the A.C.M method.

She is also a consultant for establishing and managing businesses in the course of "Business Entrepreneurship" of Maof"- Agency for Small and Medium businesses in The Israeli Ministry of Economy"

She is the manager of parlament connections of "New Face"- Israeli Women Leaders' Parlament, facilitates women-empowerment workshops as part of the unique program founded by the Office of the Prime Minister and the program of the Civil Service Commission and guiding workshops for students in career development.

She is a member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), the Israel Society for Quality (ISQ) and lectures  on the quality of human recources in confrences and seminars worldwide

Ben Gideon will soon be publishing a series of instruction manuals on personal and organizational empowerment.

The training program for organizational managers and business owners is comprised of three main areas:

 Diagnosis of natural strengths of the individual and the team; internalization and strengthening of personal and group values

The diagnostic quality of this method is an advanced analytical tool enabling multi-dimensional diagnostics of the natural behaviour of every individual in the organization, citing their advantages and distinguishing personal and organizational achievements. The diagnosis takes place in an experiential manner involving workshop participants (or the individual participant in the individual process).

 Creation of an empowering behavioral change via awareness and practice

The second quality of this method involves a process of awareness where the individual internalizes his positive and natural behavioural advantages, and also learns to circumvent behaviours that do not serve him/her, via a series of original, simple and light daily exercises that will grant him/her new and empowering behavioural skills. Simultaneously, group activities will construct recognition of the joint empowerment of the entire group.

 Consolidation of the group as a business family and construction of an innovative branding – The Double Brand

The “Double Brand” – A.C.M innovative branding concept – comprises the integration of a personal branding with a marketing branding, which doubles the brand's strength.

The construction process of the brand is based on 3 consecutive steps:

Step I: Construct an individual's personal brand. Compose a clear, accurate definition of his/her unique values, what differentiates him/her from others, and his/her positioning, i.e. determining his/her brand as a person.

Step II: Define the organization's existing marketing brand, update, polish and match it to contemporary requirements. Or, alternatively, construct a new brand, if necessary.

Step III: Integrate personal branding values with marketing branding values and create the “Double Brand” that enables one to connect to one's unique values integrated with the organization's branding values. This “Double Brand” creates an unforgettable, empowered brand that paves a groundbreaking path for the individual and the entire organization.

Completion of the process

Upon completing the diagnosis and internalization of advantages, as well as changing how processes are viewed, the organization owners/managers become aware of their high value and optimally act with maximum abilities.

The continuation of the group process emphasizes the personal choice and its contribution to the empowerment of the managers as a team (creating a personal brand) and to the essential, familial belonging to the organization (construction of the double brand).

In the immediate term – working in harmonious cooperation affects the organization's achievements, its marketing abilities and its business results. The inspiration of personal example by owners/managers has a daily effect on intermediate management staff and a continuous effect on organization employees. In the long term – we cultivate loyal, caring and satisfied staffs that ensure organizational stability and a strong brand.

The process takes place in an experiential workshop typically ranging between a day to a series of six sessions.

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